Skin Derma-Roller

Skin Derma-Roller


Enhance your at home skincare regimen with The Cosmetic Company Skin Derma Needling system. Made of ultra-fine, medical-grade needles.

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The Cosmetic Company Skin Derma-Roller

Do you want to step up your skincare regime and enhance the results?

Do you have an ageing skin, uneven skin tone, dehydration or just want to achieve plumper skin?

Are you time poor and want salon quality treatments at home without the frustration of tackling traffic and appointments?

Enhance your at home skincare regimen with The Cosmetic Company Skin Derma Needling system. Made of ultra-fine, medical-grade needles (don’t panic it doesn’t hurt) the roller creates multiple surface skin channels to allow increased product penetration (use prior to your skincare products) and effectively stimulate collagen and elastin production. Using the Skin Derma Roller regularly together with your products helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, improve skin texture and visibly firm the skin giving it an overall more youthful appearance. The 0.25mm Derma Roller is suitable for use at home several times a week and our slightly deeper 0.50mm can be used for more problem areas and can also be used on the body for stretch marks.

Now you can achieve clinic results in the comfort of your own home.

What are the benefits of using The Cosmetic Company Skin Derma Roller?

Rejuvenates and regenerates skin
Reduces appearance of acne scars, pigmentation, fine lines/ wrinkles and sagging/aging skin
Improves skin texture and appearance-plumping the skin
Allows for skincare products to penetrate this skin on a deeper level
Can be used daily or several times a week

Skin needling assists with product penetration by creating micro-channels through the surface of your skin, stimulating skin repair and cell regeneration.

Scarring and pigmentation on the skin can be reduced as the Skin Derma Roller works by breaking down old scar tissue and remodelling the skin with new collagen and elastin fibres.

How do you use The Cosmetic Company Dermal Roller?

1. Use medical alcohol to disinfect the Derma Roller or rinse the dermal roller head under hot water in between use.
2. Thoroughly cleanse your skin before using the Skin Dermal Roller
3. On the area you wish to treat, roll the Dermal Roller back and forth in each direction 5 to 10 times horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
4. Maintain the same speed and pressure to create micro-vessels. This process is not at all painful!
5. After rolling apply your daily serum or active products- you can also use prior to our collagen facial masks.
6. For optimal results, the dermal roller should be used for up to 1-2 minutes a day or several times a day.
7. Please store in the container supplied when not in use and ensure it is kept sanitised with alcohol wipes or medical alcohol (purchased from your local pharmacy)

Product Details:

The Dermal Roller is packaged in a reusable protective plastic storage case to keep it clean and sanitised, and a sealed hygienic pouch (upon first opening the box).

Needle length (mm): 0.25mm
Needle number: 9 disks x 60 needles = 540 Needles
Needle material: Medical-grade Stainless Steel
Body of Dermal Roller: Plastic
Body colour: Gold

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0.25mm, 0.50mm


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