Fillerina Grade 5

Fillerina Grade 5


Fillerina is a true, no needle alternative to cosmetic injectables whilst offering intensive hydration to the skin. Fillerina introduces hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin using only a precision applicator.

Fillerina- Grade 5

14 Day Intensive Hyaluronic Acid Treatment 

Fillerina is the first dermo-cosmetic Hyaluronic Acid Treatment filler for at-home use. Infused with 12 hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights, three types of collagen, and two types of elastin, Fillerina is a safe alternative to cosmetic injectables whilst offering intensive hydration/glow and plumping to the skin.

No needles involved: Fillerina introduces hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin using only a precision applicator.

Fillerina is available in 3 different concentrations, or grades. Choose yours based on the appearance and condition of your skin:

  • Grade 3: first wrinkles and expression lines, or initial signs of sagging and loss of firmness;
  • Grade 4: wrinkles and deep expression lines. Skin may exhibit dimnished thickness, density and elasticity, and visible signs of sagging;
  • Grade 5: very deep wrinkles and expression lines. Skin may also exhibit insufficient thickness, density, and elasticity, as well as clear signs of sagging.

Fillerina is the first dermo-cosmetic replenishing preparation to be used at home for external application.

REPLENISHING EFFECT: As skin ages, the amount of Hyaluronic Acid gradually decreases, causing imperfections such as age wrinkles, expression lines and a loss of plumpness -especially on cheekbones, cheeks and lips.

DENSIFYING EFFECT: Fillerina 12HA Densifying-Replenishing associates 3 Collagen molecules with different molecular weights  which, thanks to their absorption by the skin, can promote a redensifying effect and improve the replenishing effect, in synergy with Hyaluronic Acid molecules.

With chronological ageing also the quantity and quality of Elastin, the protein that builds up elastic fibres, drastically decreases thus threatening skin plasticity and contributing to skin sagging. The formulation associates 2 molecules of Elastin with different molecular weights, which help restore skin elasticity and plasticity.

The product name comes from the replenishing mechanism of face depressions (wrinkles) and from the plumping mechanism of specific zones (in vivo test), thanks to the action of special Hyaluronic Acids with different molecular weights for a different level of replenishment of expression lines, age wrinkles, microrelief and areas of the face subject to sagging or emptying (cheekbones, around the oval of the face, lips surface).

The box contains:14 doses (2 ml each) of Densifying-Replenishing Gel, 14 doses (2 ml each) of Nourishing Film, 2 precision applicators for external use.

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