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Eye Define- Eye Lift


<div class="pop">[popup_anything id="919"]</div> Our revolutionary Eye Define- Eye Lift will give you back the confidence you need and open your eyes up instantly with the results lasting all day! <div class="pop">[popup_anything id="1259"]</div>

Use Eye Define For:

Drooping/saggy upper eyelids, makeup artist makeovers, alternative to upper eyelid surgery, ptosis and eye disfigurements, special occasions and photos, and drooping lids resulting from Botox.


Buy Australia’s Favourite Instant Eyelid Lift Online


  • Eye Define strips take years off your appearance.
  • A single application lasts all day. Dramatically shapes and defines your eyes.
  • Eye Define will provide a temporary and transparent solution for droopy eyelids.
  • It’s the Instant eyelid lift without surgery. A safe alternative to expensive cosmetic surgery.
  • Can be worn with or without makeup.
  • Made from Medical Grade, Hypoallergenic material.
  • Use every day as part of your beauty regime or for special occasions when you want to look your best.
  • DIY eye lift tape is comfortable, transparent and easy to apply.


Practice Makes Perfect

Relax and take your time when it comes to applying Eye Define eye lift tape. With a little practice, most people can soon apply it in just seconds.

Positioning Is The Key To Success

After some experimentation, you’ll get a feel for the proper positioning of the eye definer tape and will be able to correct the drooping of your eye lids by adding support where it’s needed.

Always Use The Gel

Always apply a thin layer of gel across the sticky side of the strip only, just enough to cover the surface.

Get Creative!

No two eyes are the same. If you find the shape of the strip isn’t perfect for your eyes, use scissors to trim them shorter or flatter.

Use Makeup Tools

A magnifying mirror, tweezers, makeup brush / blush and foam applicator can be helpful when applying Eye Define.


Apply Makeup FIRST

Apply your makeup as usual. For best results, become familiar with the application and positioning of the strips before using eye shadow on your lids. Start by putting eye shadow on your brow bone instead of on your eyelids.

Removing The Strips

To remove the strips after a full days’ use, gently insert your fingernail under the top of the strip and loosen. Slowly pull the strip from your lid.

Eye makeup remover can also be used to loosen and remove the strips. If you have difficulty removing the strips from your eyelids, use an oil-based makeup remover.

Need More Information?

See our Frequently Asked Questions here where you can find out where to buy Eye Define eyelid tape, or enjoy the success stories on our eyelid review page here.

The first time I used Eye Define, I saw a huge difference in my eyes. My eyes just completely opened up.

– Valerie, Sydney


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